Adventures in Karma…Sort of Like Toyland, Only Not

Everyone’s heard of Karma.  It’s a short, handy word for, “what comes around goes around”.  Or, for my more scientific friends, Newton’s Third Law:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

According to some, it’s a grand, cosmic force, maintaining balance in the universe.  For others, it’s lying awake at night, wondering when the awful ex-boyfriend will get hit by a bus, or at least get dumped by the next girlfriend in a terribly public and humiliating fashion.  Me? It’s my nickname for my 7-year-old, because I am paying, spectacularly, for my raising. 

But, here, Karma will be an adventure.  Stuff will happen; I’ll tell you about it in my typical snarky way, and we’ll wonder together who did what to whom to deserve it.  I’ll probably be on the receiving end of that equation most often.  Like wondering what on earth I did to deserve the giant third eye I’m rocking in the middle of my forehead, like a gangly 15 year old.  But some things the world is destined to never know.

And now, we begin our journey, with these immortal words from Mary Chapin Carpenter:

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug